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Justin Manley

PHOTO 2019 04 25 19 37 22Up until a few years ago Justin was a highly skilled pipe technician and a team leader within the utilities industry. On the 28th October 2015 the decision to attend to a burst water main with a colleague proved to be one of life or death…

Whilst at a depth of 1.2 meters below a residential street, a miscommunication resulted in the mains water being switched on before the job had been completed and the pressure of the water forcing a torque wrench into his face at around 80mph.. Justin was knocked unconscious and was at the bottom of a hole which was rapidly filling with water; fortunately he was wearing a hi-vis vest which meant he could be seen under water, especially as a street light was directly above the hole. .Whilst still unconscious, his colleague got into the hole and dragged him out, by chance an off-duty nurse was on the way home from her shift and stabilized him until the ambulance arrived.

After undergoing numerous operations in a specialist hospital, Justin lost all vision in his right eye. But more devastating news was to follow when the Surgeon informed him that due to the severity of his head injury, it would be inevitable that he would get an infection and was likely to live for no more than 4 years. Justin chose to undergo an operation that carried a 50% risk of fatality .

During his convalescence, Justin returned to his old depot to give a talk to his former teammates, recounting the accident and talking about his road to recovery. The prospect of not returning to work was a daunting reality and doctors’ orders meant that he could not resume his previous role. Despite 15 years’ experience on the job, Justin stressed the need to be prepared for an unexpected event and know exactly how to react to protect yourself and those around you. His talk had a huge impact on his colleagues. Both Justin and JMG Solutions Ltd felt that if he could reach a larger audience, Justin could help even more colleagues understand the importance of workplace safety. And so, Justin’s delivers very powerful talks on behalf of JMG Solution’s Ltd.

Throughout his recovery, Justin set himself no limits on what he could hope to achieve.

Justin now travels internationally on behalf of JMG Solutions Ltd, sharing his story with industry colleagues and acting as an inspirational champion for workplace safety. He is also a safety coach, mentoring apprentices and graduate trainees to ensure that organizations newest recruits embrace their strong safety culture from the start.

Justin’s speaking topics include: Workplace safety, Overcoming adversity and Achieving goals.

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“It was without doubt the most powerful ‘health and safety’ talk that I have ever seen, but in reality it wasn’t really about health and safety, it was about life and being appreciative of what you have – and that is the most important message there is...
“You’ve shown great courage to use your experience in a way that good will come of it”.

“I wanted to thank you and the whole team for the successful quick delivery of some really powerful safety messages. I can honestly say in 29 years, I’ve never seen so many engaged and emotionally moved grown front-line men and ladies; this really did make us all think... it reinforced to me the power of the guys on the ground being involved in the delivery of our safety messages...
“You could truly see the teams respected him for what he’s been through and the messages he was delivering to them, for their benefit”.